“There is a beast that rises in women to defend their children. A beast that is stronger in the physical than they. A Beast that knows no fear and does not stop.” an excerpt from Maia and Anubis: God woman God man: The  Story.

I was going to write about that beast that rises in women when their children are in danger. I relate to that because I am a woman, mother, I have felt the beast rise to protect my son. But I have to revise my thought to a Beast rises in all of us when our loved ones are threatened. I read this awesome story about an older man that fought an alligator to save his dog.  Now that was the Beast  rising for sure.

Mother told a story of me going missing from the house and her running out into the road in her slip to save me from running into the road. I was about 2 . She was one prissy woman and for her to be seen in public in her slip was a big deal. I saw with my own eyes her a pudgy middle aged woman get between my sister and a man threatening her. She actually picked him up and moved him to the side. She was the prissiest most feminine woman you could see but you did mess her or her family. That’s how it was.

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