The Beast

The Beast!

"There is a beast that rises in women to defend their children. A beast that is stronger in the physical than they. A Beast that knows no fear and does not stop." an excerpt from Maia and Anubis: God woman God man: The  Story. I was going to write about that beast that rises in … Continue reading The Beast!

Anubis Broken down into angles and measurements

Breaking down Anubis mathematically .

I have never redone a painting  before but when I came to  my third painting the my series Maia and Anubis int he garden. I wasn't happy. Yes, I stayed up all night painting for a deadline but when i got done. I wasn't super thrilled.  I loved the composition the dynamic active pose but Anubis proportions were not … Continue reading Breaking down Anubis mathematically .

Maia Anubis Garden detail

Working on God woman God man

I am working on the painting putting on washes of cold its more complicated than it looks. I working to give dimension through variation in tones. This is my fourth painting int the series I am finally seeing the beauty in the technique. Before I saw the beauty in the overall painting, the subject, the message, but … Continue reading Working on God woman God man

Maia and Anubis

Maia and Anubis the story

Because my new series of paintings had such a strong Back Story I decided to write it out  and articulate their story. Ultimately producing a limited edition handmade book to accompany the paintings. Here is their story. Love is stronger than death. There was a King, a pharaoh that passed into death from this world … Continue reading Maia and Anubis the story