Current Work: Maia and Anubis – God Woman God Man  Maia and Anubis: Read Their story


I grew up in Barbados in the West Indies. I still have the island beach/ former British Colony dream in my heart.  The white heat of the tropics I have drawn and created from the time I can remember. I remember being so young and painting that I drank the paint water by mistake.

Me with Kristy
Me with Kristy. Everyone loves this dress. I’m not sure what is so sexy about having my shoulders out but Ill take it 🙂

I went to college at 16 as a sophomore in High school at Simon’s Rock of Bard College In Massachusetts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with Painting as a major. For the last 20 years life has just happened. Art has been on my mind but I haven’t lived it. Now its time to live it. Art is a business it is my business.

I do mostly figurative work. I love water and movement. Movement has been a constant inspiration for me.

Making it happen. It’s as of I have been asleep for 20 years. Ebbing and Flowing with life, my Art in the background, still there, but quiet, waiting; Until the fire hit my belly and it was time to work again.

Art is a business it my business with all the avenues available to Artist its an Amazing time to Emerge as an Artist and I am Emerging.

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