A few months ago I had my DNA analyzed. It was surprising to say the least. I am 49% West African, 4% East African, 18% Spanish, 15% from the British Isles, 5% Finish Siberian, 5% Native American, 2% Chinese. Wow what a mix. I am

There but for the grace of God go I

There but for the grace of God go I

graduate student at Florida Atlantic University. I was studying nonprofit management and I switched my major to women and gender studies so I can start work on my ancestry right away. My goal is to go back a far as I can in history to trace my ancestry, and to tell their stories.

I am also a visual Artist. For my next project I will make self portraits of myself and myself as one of the ethnicities from my ancestry. I have always identified as a multiracial Caribbean American, a black woman to find so much ethnic diversity in my blood is a big surprise.  I have the first image of this series. I am toying with doing photographs and painting as the final projects.

I have never seen the image of a slave I my face although I know I am descended slaves in my face. The other day while playing with an image editor and there I was as a slave. When I looked at myself I saw someone else dark skin and hopeless eyes. As black people we know these historical photographs, we can feel the hopeless and the misery in our bones. We know, there but grace of God are we

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