Why I am always at the art supply store???

Why I am always at the art supply store??? Well, I guess I am an artist.  I went again today. I escaped only paying $11.50 which was a small miracle. I had also been the day before. Many visits to the art supply store is expected; I am restarting my art shop on etsy and … Continue reading Why I am always at the art supply store???

Haiti Cultural Exchange: Ayiti Toma and [her] Story — Repeating Islands

Haiti Cultural Exchange invites you to celebrate Haiti’s Independence on January 1, 2017, with Soup Joumou and “[her] Story,” an art exhibition by three women artists and story-tellers: Nathalie Jolivert, Monique Serres, and Mahalia Stines. The event will take place from 6:00 to 10:00pm at La Caye Restaurant, 35 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. For … Continue reading Haiti Cultural Exchange: Ayiti Toma and [her] Story — Repeating Islands

The Frida Kahlo Phenomenon at the Dali Museum, Florida — Repeating Islands

Nicholas Forrest writes about “Frida Kahlo at The Dali,” Florida’s first solo exhibition dedicated to the work of Frida Kahlo. On show at The Dali Museum until April 17, 2017, the exhibition brings together more than 60 works by the Mexican painter, including 15 paintings, seven drawings, as well as more than 45 of her […] … Continue reading The Frida Kahlo Phenomenon at the Dali Museum, Florida — Repeating Islands

An open letter to BestFriends.org!


An open letter to BestFriends.org!  

 Bestfriend.org Calendar look what we found at your local Recycling center

Best friends is an animal welfare society that to helped pioneer the no-kill movement. They help homeless pets around the country by supporting no kill initiatives, spay and neuter programs and rescue organizations among other things. Check  them out at BestFriends.org

First things first they have the best  Tagline ever! Seriously ever ever ever. “SAVE THEM ALL”.

We are getting our Not For Profit going and raising

Donate to Milu's House Here

money for boring annoying things needed to run this organization. As we get our toes wet in social media a river of messages come streaming in, pleading to save animals lives. We know the gravity of the problem, millions of animals dying needlessly in shelters. To see their sweet furry faces begging for their lives was to breaking us. The thought entered our minds that we are just…

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Granny's Lil White boy Painting

Granny’s Lil’ White Boy

I never thought I would write this blog when my son was born he was very light skinned. I was disappointed that he didn’t look like me. My 80 year old mother was delighted. She called him her little white boy. I was horrified and embarrassed. I prayed no one would hear her calling him … Continue reading Granny’s Lil’ White Boy

My all my fitness trainer glory

Journal 7-11-14 The begining

Well I have been half assed getting back into shape. I bought a bike with visions of daily early morning bike rides. I wasn't working out, partly due to me, partly due to the almost constant rain we have been having in south florida, and the 90 plus degree heat. My plans to bike my … Continue reading Journal 7-11-14 The begining

Perception. What is it? Everything!

Over a period of time approximately one year I will transform my body from an ordinary woman: a slightly overweight mom, into society’s version of the perfect woman- a hyper sexualized, thin, well-toned woman with large breasts and long hair. My transformation will be documented in a series of photographs and journals. On it’s surface … Continue reading Perception. What is it? Everything!

Beatriz Monteavaro - detail of Untitled (Praying to the Aliens), 2003, mixed media on paper; photo by SIlvia Ros

Girls’ Club the Club everyone wants to Join

Girls’ Club the Club everyone wants to Join. There is a gem in Fort Lauderdale called Girls’ club. have you found it? How did I come across Girls' Club? I am not sure, I followed a random link on Facebook calling for volunteers. So I volunteered to see the Art scene from another angle besides sipping me wine at this and … Continue reading Girls’ Club the Club everyone wants to Join

Creating Beauty one Creation at a Time

Ok, I was bad, yet again I forgot to take before pictures of the piece I was working on. My friend gave me this beautiful mirror, it started off life being white. In this case I didn’t rescue some ugly thing , the mirror was beautiful to begin with I just made it amazing. I knew I wanted to the mirror in a bright yellow and I came across the perfect color in the unwanted paint section at home Depot for $2, Behr’s Preium Plus Ultra in a

delicious yellow-orange. Home Depot makes great paint I have tried three different brands and they were all  Stellar. That’s why I drive  a mile out of my way to get my paint. A mile isn’t that far right? They also have $2 quarts and $.50 samples in the paint reject pile, the best deal in town.  I wrote a whole post about my favorite paints read…

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Creating Beauty one Creation at a Time

This is my second mosaic, not bad huh?

This is The Other Table  that I nicknamed the Beauty ( making refrence to my other post THE

TABLE my first epic stenciled table). I saw this picture years ago (just look at the wrinkles in that picture) of a Koi fish mosaic by Audrey Di Angelo that I thought was amazing and magical. I wanted something like that and I knew I could make it. After all I am an Artist and I am obsessed by Koi and gold fish, having three beautiful Koi of my own.  I was also quite inspired by Susan Wechsler Mosaics check her out, her work is divine.

So years later I finally have the time and the opportunity  to make it. As usual I don’t know what I am doing and hit the internet for advise. First to find little tiles to make the detail that I want…

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Creating Beauty one Creation at a Time

How do you dress up Unfinished Framed? Stencils of course!

So I came across these awesome picture frames in Michaels and I knew immediately I wanted to stencil them. I bought a big pile . I tore myself away from Stenciling my table I wanted a simple project.I figured I would do a few, NINE frames later (one was a mosaic). I guess I don’t know how to do a little of anything. I wanted to do several diffident colors and I was really excited to do the treatment of stenciling first and then

applying the stain over that. It creates a wonderful soft vintage feel. So I lined them up and painted. I love the Home DepotMartha Stewart and Glidden Duo. Then I stenciled, sorry I didn’t take picture of the stenciling I was too excited to get things done. I painted and painted and Stenciled and Stenciled. I guess this is more a before and…

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Creating Beauty one Creation at a Time

After my epic first stencil project, The Table I was ready for a more manageable project. I was at the Thrift store and saw a table that was the perfect size $5.99.  It was made out of some mystery material but at $5.99 you can’t beat it. I bought it.

Now what to do with it? The Table was very familiar to me. It looked like one of those Ikea table they are always advertising for $9.99, and sure enough it was. I looked at it this way and that way what would I do with it ? Then I remembered an  an idea online to cover the top of an existing table with wood strips to create a new table top. perfect! That will completely change the personality of the piece.


Then I could do my stain over stencil technique. In my first table I had stenciled a rosette on the raw…

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Creating Beauty one Creation at a Time

The Table The Table The Table.

Well it all started with a picture that I saw in Oprah magazine of an accent table,  it was

incredible beautiful. I thought I can do that.  So without knowing anything about it, typical for me,  I decided to give it a try.

I thought the piece was painted and I am a painter, I have been one all my life, well maybe since I was three. I tried my luck with a stool.  The result although pretty, wasn’t quite right. But everyone loved the little stool. My blog traffic shot up, I heard from people on facebook that I forgot were on my friends list. Hmmm I might be on to something here. I did some research, the furniture  looked stenciled. I can do that! I found this beautiful stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils by HGTV Designer Kim Myles perfect!

This particular table I got…

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Juergen Teller Photographic Awesomeness

So the Huffinton Post Art Blog that I enjoy announces something like Juergen Teller pictures of Celebrities. I roll my eyes but check it out as this image which I have featured looked amazing. Thankfully it was a bit of a bait and switch with pictures of the celebrities at a minimum. Definitely worth checking out. Check … Continue reading Juergen Teller Photographic Awesomeness

Have a good day now

a little something about having a good day

Creating Beauty one Creation at a Time

This is the first video I am sharing. It’s a wonderful little gem about being grateful and loving life.

Enjoy and have a good day.

Being in Gratitude…A Moving Art original short. This inspirational video was well responded at TED conferences and filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg motivates those around him as happiness is revealed. Spoken word and music montage created and composed by Gary Malkin. Narration written and spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast.


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