Well I have been half assed getting back into shape. I bought a bike with visions of daily early morning bike rides. I wasn’t working out, partly due to me, partly due to the almost constant rain we have been having in south florida, and the 90 plus degree heat. My plans to bike my way to inshapeness have been thwarted.

At the beach with my best friend
At the beach with my best friend


I have gone bike riding twice, both after waking up at dawn to welcome the sunrise at the beach, before my  son wakes up with his various shenanigans. My bike 5 mile  route used to take me ½ hour, it now  takes me 45 mins. My first time around I was sore and feeling sick. The second time around was much easier and I marginally faster.

But then here came the rain and the heat, no riding. I have joined a gym, a really cheap gym with awful colors that make you want I leave immediately. Netflix will happily make my gym experience easier.

Thankfully I know what to at the gym. As a former certified personal trainer I can handle it. More

My all my fitness trainer glory
My all my fitness trainer glory

importantly I can ward off the sales pitch of the gym peeps. I don’t need you help I don’t want your help, Thank you very much.

Time to drink some water and now I am off to the gym.


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