Why I am always at the art supply store??? Well, I guess I am an artist.

 I went again today. I escaped only paying $11.50 which was a small miracle. I had also been the day before. Many visits to the art supply store is expected; I am restarting my

art shop on etsy and an art shop needs paintings. I a working on getting about 15 paintings together. I decided to do some large paintings so I need some larger canvases. I decided to do some smaller paintings, so I needed smaller canvases. Today I went to the art store because I needed a green color and more canvas. I was sure I was done with the store for a while. After all, I need to sell some stuff and stop buying stuff or I will never make money.

Today I started working on a painting that’s been on my mind for three years. It is a simple painting – a close up of a black cat’s eyes. I decided to do it on a favorite canvas of mine, a canvas with a raw tan finish and not the sanitized white of a normal canvas. The way I was picturing the painting that canvas would be completely covered but I am a very tactile and knowing that beautiful canvas color was under there would fuel my creativity. Then something happened, in the middle of working on the piece  I took an in-progress photo. I had just started to brush on a preliminary black background. I took the picture and moved on. Completing the covering the canvas with black.  I thought it looked amazing with crazy brush strokes everywhere with the raw canvas underneath. I liked it so much, I decided to do another painting highlighting he unfinished brush strokes with the raw canvas. So then I would need another raw canvas. Back to the art supply store.

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