Why I am always at the art supply store???

Why I am always at the art supply store??? Well, I guess I am an artist.  I went again today. I escaped only paying $11.50 which was a small miracle. I had also been the day before. Many visits to the art supply store is expected; I am restarting my art shop on etsy and … Continue reading Why I am always at the art supply store???

Juergen Teller Photographic Awesomeness

So the Huffinton Post Art Blog that I enjoy announces something like Juergen Teller pictures of Celebrities. I roll my eyes but check it out as this image which I have featured looked amazing. Thankfully it was a bit of a bait and switch with pictures of the celebrities at a minimum. Definitely worth checking out. Check … Continue reading Juergen Teller Photographic Awesomeness

Girls’ Club Collection Art Fall Out 2012: Post its Everywhere!

Art Reaches back at the Girls' Club Collection Art Fall Out in Fort Lauderdale October 6th 2012. As an Artist I know the experience of hanging my work and not really knowing how it was received. Are they being nice? If my work didn't sell is my work being well received? Art Fallout at Girls' Club Collectionis a … Continue reading Girls’ Club Collection Art Fall Out 2012: Post its Everywhere!

Free Art

The Free Art Machine: ‘Chicago The Beautiful’ Produces 4,000 Units Of Free Art For You (VIDEO)

What really awesome about this is that the people are the machine. People put money on this end and different people get art on that one. It's like someone pedaling a bicycle to make something work. So lets kick start this thing. Play the art forward! Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Anubis Broken down into angles and measurements

Breaking down Anubis mathematically .

I have never redone a painting  before but when I came to  my third painting the my series Maia and Anubis int he garden. I wasn't happy. Yes, I stayed up all night painting for a deadline but when i got done. I wasn't super thrilled.  I loved the composition the dynamic active pose but Anubis proportions were not … Continue reading Breaking down Anubis mathematically .

Maia and Anubis

Maia and Anubis the story

Because my new series of paintings had such a strong Back Story I decided to write it out  and articulate their story. Ultimately producing a limited edition handmade book to accompany the paintings. Here is their story. Love is stronger than death. There was a King, a pharaoh that passed into death from this world … Continue reading Maia and Anubis the story

Uncovered: Tintype Photography


Love the pictures and the concept of a inviting community gallery.

Fresh Forms

These beautiful captures are printed on handmade tile-like tintypes by a small studio and gallery in San Francisco. Made by coating a tile with an exposure sensivtive chemical and used in place of  traditional film. These are effectively the negetive directly converted into the final product through a modified darkroom process.

Michael Shindler owns the portrait studio and started this ongoing project about 5 years ago. He describes galleries as space often perceived as uninviting and daunting to some. He wanted his space to be different. By running the gallery as a retail space selling lomopraphy  paraphernalia he found people were more likely to feel comfortable enough to stroll in and investigate. Around 3500 people have had their picture taken by Michael over the past year.

The portraits are all unique objects that cannot be reproduced in turn adding an emotional value lost in the digital age. The images featured are scanned copies of the final…

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