Because my new series of paintings had such a strong Back Story I decided to write it out  and articulate their story. Ultimately producing a limited edition handmade book to accompany the paintings. Here is their story. Love is stronger than death.

Maia and Anubis Family
Maia and Anubis Family

There was a King, a pharaoh that passed into death from this world leaving his son. The prince’s mother too left him in death, giving him life, leaving him without protection. The called him to boy king as he was a child. They selected her to care for him as she was a Nobel woman, to be his wet nurse and take nourishment from her body.

There is a beast that rises in women to defend their children. A beast that is stronger in the physical than they. A Beast that knows no fear and does not stop. She became his lioness, he became her son.

With so much death passing close to him, the boy, Anubis walked by him as he took his father and

Maia and Anubis
Maia and Anubis

mother into the underworld. He saw her then, the lioness, her fierce love for the child. How careful she walked to stay if favor so she could protect the boy from those that would use him for their own will. He found her God woman.

He fell in love with her and cast himself down before her, to offer himself to her as her equal if she would have him.

They walked together as she lived: He thick chested, blacker than the night protecting her and their children, She small waisted and fierce with a light voice and a will of steel. Step in Step together God woman, God man.

And when she passed from this world he returned to the heavens with her as the Goddess Anput.

Maia and Anubis in the Garden
Maia and Anubis in the Garden

Love is stronger than Death. It is all around us. We just need to open our eyes to see.

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