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Sooo I am conducting an experiment. I have a lot to say anyway so for a little bit I will COMMENT on everything! thinking to make each comment more fun and witty than the last one. I apologize to my friends in advance, I want to see how this impact my art business. We will see. The Art … Continue reading I comment!

Uncovered: Tintype Photography


Love the pictures and the concept of a inviting community gallery.

Fresh Forms

These beautiful captures are printed on handmade tile-like tintypes by a small studio and gallery in San Francisco. Made by coating a tile with an exposure sensivtive chemical and used in place of  traditional film. These are effectively the negetive directly converted into the final product through a modified darkroom process.

Michael Shindler owns the portrait studio and started this ongoing project about 5 years ago. He describes galleries as space often perceived as uninviting and daunting to some. He wanted his space to be different. By running the gallery as a retail space selling lomopraphy  paraphernalia he found people were more likely to feel comfortable enough to stroll in and investigate. Around 3500 people have had their picture taken by Michael over the past year.

The portraits are all unique objects that cannot be reproduced in turn adding an emotional value lost in the digital age. The images featured are scanned copies of the final…

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studio dog (milu) and Studio Cat (raisin)

Studio Dog (Milu’s) Story

As do many stories this one is a long and winding tale. When my  then 5 year old's friend got a dog for his birthday. He started nagging incessantly for a dog of his own. I wanted to have a bigger place than the one bedroom we shared and a yard. So when a bigger house and … Continue reading Studio Dog (Milu’s) Story

Chickens in the Garden

Grey Chicken
Grey Chicken

I love chickens and gardens

The Garden Smallholder

It’s been a while since I posted some photos of the hybrid hens, these were taken last month. Emily and Poppy, the old ex-battery hens make an appearance too.

Our Speckledy hen lays dark brown eggs. She’s lovely and very placid unlike the white Coral hen, she’s a lunatic!

Myrtle the Bluebell hen loves hanging out in the herb patch, it’s her favourite place to have a dust bath.

Emily, our old ex-battery hen has taken quite a shine to our Coral hen, Fleur. As you can see, Emily is a big old bird!

Hermione and her fabulous ‘hair’!

Myrtle hanging out in the herb patch again, we gave her the correct name!

Each hen lays a different coloured egg which makes it really easy to tell who laid each morning, this can be useful sometimes. I was hoping our Skyline hen would lay blue or green eggs, turns out…

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