studio dog (milu) and Studio Cat (raisin)
Don’t tell the cat she isn’t a puppy

As do many stories this one is a long and winding tale. When my  then 5 year old’s friend got a dog for his birthday. He started nagging incessantly for a dog of his own. I wanted to have a bigger place than the one bedroom we shared and a yard. So when a bigger house and a yard came along a year and a half later we went to the pound and picked up a great dog Juno.

We went to the pet store and came home happy as larks with Juno as my son lead her up the stairs. She pulled out of her collar and bolted (Did I mention that house was haunted. That is a whole other story. I moved out after 4 months).

She ran the whole neighborhood chased her but we couldn’t catch her. She was

Milu's first night
Milu and my son

gone my son heartbroken. his Christmas gift gone. I kept waiting for a call that she had been found as she had a microchip she was gone.

But then I heard of a pure breed boxer that needed at home. She was very sweet and had been abandoned in a backyard for over a year. She was on her own for longer than I can stand to think. She is old

We brought her home and she headed for bed since then she has laid on every soft surface, the couch, the carpet. She is a princess now. loves to ride in the car and now she is sporting her pink and white Thundershirt  to deal with some of her anxiety issues (Its working! yeah).

Muli in her anti anxiety Thundershirt shirt.
Muli in her anti anxiety Thundershirt shirt. She was so relaxed she couldn’t be bother to get up

He number one fan is my son who revels in every her every move. Her second number one fan is Studio Cat (Raisin) who thinks Milu is her sister/ mother/ best friend and Milu think is Raisin is her puppy.

Milu and her puppy Raisin
Milu and her puppy Raisin

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