Pulse Art fair Thursday December 6th

Pulse from the Inside. I was lucky enough to work at Girls’ Club booth Thursday Decemeber 6th  2012  the first day Pulse was open to the public. 1:10 I over shoot 395 and head across the bridge away from the fair, U -turn. :15 I arrive and head to Exhibitor parking without a parking pass … Continue reading Pulse Art fair Thursday December 6th

7 sisters Three in the field

What about 7 Sisters Three

What to do about 7 sisters Three? They area series of pen and ink drawings I did some years ago to accompany a story that I never got finished writing. I was about 7 sisters named Three that had to go on a quest to rescue their parents who had been kidnapped by  some evil person (still to be … Continue reading What about 7 Sisters Three

Anubis Broken down into angles and measurements

Breaking down Anubis mathematically .

I have never redone a painting  before but when I came to  my third painting the my series Maia and Anubis int he garden. I wasn't happy. Yes, I stayed up all night painting for a deadline but when i got done. I wasn't super thrilled.  I loved the composition the dynamic active pose but Anubis proportions were not … Continue reading Breaking down Anubis mathematically .

Maia Anubis Garden detail

Working on God woman God man

I am working on the painting putting on washes of cold its more complicated than it looks. I working to give dimension through variation in tones. This is my fourth painting int the series I am finally seeing the beauty in the technique. Before I saw the beauty in the overall painting, the subject, the message, but … Continue reading Working on God woman God man

Maia and Anubis

Maia and Anubis the story

Because my new series of paintings had such a strong Back Story I decided to write it out  and articulate their story. Ultimately producing a limited edition handmade book to accompany the paintings. Here is their story. Love is stronger than death. There was a King, a pharaoh that passed into death from this world … Continue reading Maia and Anubis the story

Mother and Child initial drawing

I fall in love with each painting a bit…

I'm starting a new painting tonight. In the process I am painting over an initial drawing for a piece I am not longer going to do. I fall in love with each painting a bit. Even though I will not be completing this piece it hurts my heart a little to paint over it. I love the … Continue reading I fall in love with each painting a bit…

Along for The Ride, my son riding a Great white Shark

Getting Sharky “Along for the ride”

Sharky is done and called Along for the ride. that's my son riding on his back. This piece is for the be inspired Shark competition at the Museum of Fort Lauderdale. the pieces will be uploaded to Facebook and selected for an exhibition in the Museum.  Its a departure from what I am working on now … Continue reading Getting Sharky “Along for the ride”