7 sisters Three in the field
7 sisters Three in the field

What to do about 7 sisters Three? They area series of pen and ink drawings I did some years ago to accompany a story that I never got finished writing. I was about 7 sisters named Three that had to go on a quest to rescue their parents who had been kidnapped by  some evil person (still to be determined). It rhymes; The 7 sisters Three got down on bended knee etc. The text is misplaced somewhere in my years of files.  I rediscovered these images when I was

Sky woman water spirits
Sky woman water spirits

attending and Art festival at the last minute and had to find pieces that could be reproduced for prints FAST and easily. I must admit I love them with the jaunty stances and swirling energy. The images are telling the story more than the story itself. As I recall i wrote a little of the story and then got obsessed with making the images; with the intention of making the completed images fit the story.

Its  such a side project and looks like nothing I  have ever done.

7 sisters Three in the field two
7 sisters Three in the field two

Writing this now I am thinking of doing a Art Book for them. That would be fun with a touch of blue so it will tie into my other stuff. Sone of these are available as prints at my Etsy Shop. Please email me : melissa@aldanaArt.com with any questions about the pieces.

7 sisters Three on the Dunes
7 sisters Three with Sun

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