Maia Anubis and family
Maia Anubis and family

Maia And Anubis. He is blacker than the night, protective powerful a God of the dead who watches over Pharaohs as they pass into the underworld. She Maia a woman raising a motherless child, a prince destined to be the most famous Pharaoh of all time Tutankhamen. These images tell their love story that I have the privilege to share and to write.


God Bless America! Three Flag inspired images  Appear in ArtServe’s 12 x 12 Exhibition Fort Lauderdale February 2013.
Maia and Anubis: God Man God Woman make their Appearance at the Parker Play House, Fort Lauderdale. November 2012

It’s all teeth and a yawning maw as a great white Shark slices through the water with a quirky of whimsy as a small boy rides its back whooping his hand in the air with joy at the
Be Inspired
Exhibition September 2012 Museum of Fort Lauderdale

A woman tilts her head her hair flying on a boat in Key west at the
Art In Motion
Exhibition September 2012 Broward Art Guild

Kristy Turlington makes an appearance as a fawn her mouth full of leaves her skin glows gold at the
Icons Exhibition June 2011 Gallery 101, Fort Lauderdale

Women with two tone skin and black doe eyes creep around the Berkshires of Massachusetts at the Woman as Animal Thesis Exhibition, May 1991 at Simon’s Rock of Bard College


Melissa Left high school two years early to attend a special college for mutual smarty pants, Simon’s Rock of bard college She graduated in 1991 with a BA in liberal Arts (They didn’t have a Fine Arts degree). She graduated Cum laude and was thrilled to finally have a degree in her hand, as of that point she was technically a high school dropout, even though she dropped out to go to college.

Born/ Lives

Melissa was born in the mist of fire and brimstone, well almost. She was born on Trinidad in The Caribbean, her teenage mother fled from the neighboring island of Barbados seeking refuge from her well off parents that were none too pleased. The plan was to adopt the child out. The American couple named the child Melissa (a very un-Caribbean name) and were on their way to take the child. Apparently the papers were lost or misplaced the mother changed her mind and left with her child but kept the name.

Melissa has painted all her life after college she make a few lukewarm attempts in the New York Market (her local market) and then the Artist slept still dreaming of paintings, still making painting in her mind, she slept life passing by. Then she saw a goddess, all in black, grinning glorious, teeth borne owning the world. Why does everything sometimes change in one moment. Who knows? She woke up. This goddess was one of her own kind and woke her up and she hasn’t stopped since.

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