7 sisters Three in the field

What to do about 7 sisters Three? They area series of pen and ink drawings I did some years ago to accompany a story that I never got finished writing. I was about 7 sisters named Three that had to go on a quest to rescue their parents who had been kidnapped by  some evil person (still to be determined). It rhymes; The 7 sisters Three got down on bended knee etc. The text is misplaced somewhere in my years of files.  I rediscovered these images when I was

Sky woman water spirits

attending and Art festival at the last minute and had to find pieces that could be reproduced for prints FAST and easily. I must admit I love them with the jaunty stances and swirling energy. The images are telling the story more than the story itself. As I recall i wrote a little of the story and then got obsessed with making the images; with the intention of making the completed images fit the story.

Its  such a side project and looks like nothing I  have ever done.

7 sisters Three in the field two
7 sisters Three in the field two

Writing this now I am thinking of doing a Art Book for them. That would be fun with a touch of blue so it will tie into my other stuff. Sone of these are available as prints at my Etsy Shop. Please email me : melissa@aldanaArt.com with any questions about the pieces.

7 sisters Three on the Dunes

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